Unit Letter: Dinosaurs, Rocks and Fossils

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year!  I am very excited about this unit: Dinosaurs, Rocks and Fossils.  It is always one of the children’s favorites, and I find that they have just as much information to share with me as I have to share with them.

Unit topics will include fossils, paleontologists, dinosaur eggs/babies, types of dinosaurs (carnivores vs. herbivores), rocks vs. minerals, igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks, metamorphic rocks, crystals, and volcanoes.

On Tuesday, January 18th we will take a field trip to the Texas Memorial Museum (part of the Texas Natural Science Center). This field trip is a true highlight of our year! We will enjoy a tour, as well as a visit with a paleontologist who will answer any questions the kids may have about fossils. The cost of the tour is $1.50 per student and is not covered by the field trip fee paid at the beginning of the year.  Please bring $1.50 to school by Friday, January 14th. Thank you in advance!

Our unit will culminate in a rock, mineral and fossil show on Friday, January 28th—the children will bring in rock collections from home, which they will display in the classroom. Feel free to showcase rocks that are found in your yard, as well as any interesting rock, mineral or fossil specimens you or your child may have collected or purchased. Stay tuned for more details…

As always, we will be continuing our study of letters and sounds, and our enjoyment of child-friendly reading readiness activities. We will also take our celebration of pre-writing to another level through the use of journals. Language Arts key concepts for this unit include story sequence and an introduction to fables.

Math key concepts will include positional words (above, between, in front of, etc.), as well as reviews of number recognition and sorting.

While the majority of our unit lessons are science-based, specific science lessons and key concepts will include types of rocks and minerals, volcanoes, reptile and dinosaur characteristics, magnets and everyday uses of rocks.

Kelley and I look forward to a fun-filled unit!

See you soon,


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