What a GREAT First Day!

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First Day of School is August 28th!

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Kindergarten, Here I Come

Im Ready For a New Adventure!

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Please Join Us for St. Matthews Spirit Night!!

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St. Matthews Flowering of the Cross ~VIP Day

Friday, April 5th, 2013

Dont forget to join us for one of our most beloved traditions at St.Matthews, our annual Easter celebration, Flowering of the Cross. Each child invites grandparents or a beloved friend to visit their class for some fun activities. Then we gather in the chapel for a special Easter service. The children bring flowers that transform a plain wooden cross into a glorious celebration of the resurrection.

10:30 VIPs arrive in classrooms

11:00 Chapel

11:30 Reception in the courtyard


Be sure to join us, and bring your cameras for a beautiful photo opportunity!

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St. Matthews Day of Service!

Little Hands Making a BIG Difference!

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Family Day of Service

Little Hands, Big Difference

Join us at the

St. Matthews Family Day of Service

Saturday, March 23


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Then, on March 23, your whole family will have an opportunity to gather with your St. Matthews friends and work to serve others. While the activities are geared towards pre-school children, they are meant for WHOLE FAMILY to enjoy. Bring siblings! We will have a station set up with a project benefiting each organization, and you can rotate through as many as you choose.

When we are finished, we will gather in the courtyard for lunch from Hat Creek Burgers and enjoy entertainment by Mr. Leebot. It will be a fun way to end our morning of service!

Our service efforts this year will benefit:

    The Austin Humane Society
    Renaissance Austin Retirement Home & The Summit at Northwest Hills
    Center for Child protection
    Mobile Loaves and Fishes
    Grounds of St. Matthews Church and School

Turn in your RSVP/ lunch order form by Thursday, March 21 so we will know how many folks to expect. See you there!

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Let the Good Times Roll!

La Noche de los Angeles 2013 is right around the corner! I hope you are all ready to Let the Good Times Roll!

March 1 at 7:00

Shoal Crossing

It will be a fabulous evening of fun and games with your St. Matthews friends. A huge thanks to our wonderful La Noche chairs, Taryn Munford, Lauren Scott, and Cynthia Smith for all their hard work on behalf of St. Matthews!

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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Open Houses at St. Matthews

We will be hosting a series of Open Houses this month for parents interested in sending their child to St. Matthews. Join us on Thursday, January 17 or Wednesday, January 23 at 9:00. We will gather in the church sanctuary and attend chapel a true highlight of our week here at St. Matthews! We will then hear from our Head of School and some current St. Matthews parents before we break into groups for tours of our classrooms and campus. Following the tour, there will be a reception and Q&A time. Please call the school office at 345-3040 if you have any questions.

We will also hold a Kindergarten Open House the evening of January 29 at 6:30. This event is for current St. Matthews parents interested in our Kindergarten, as well as those new to our school.

We look forward to seeing you here and sharing what makes St. Matthews such a special place to learn, laugh, explore, and grow!

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